Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Human Development Iindicators - UNDP

Earlier this month, the UNDP released Human Development estimates for the year 2004.
There are many ways to analyze the data. One way is to look at the "most developed" country (Norway... index=0.965) and then look at the "least developed" one (Niger... index=0.311). Then we may split the development gap in 5 parts. Here is the result with the 20 most populated countries in the world:
All big OECD countries have very high development level, all big East Asian countries already have relatively high development level. Big Sub-saharan African countries are either little or very little developped. South Asia and the Middle East... is in the middle.

The Human Development Indicators have three basic dimensions: Purchasing power per head, life expectancy and education level

Countries with a relatively very high development level:
Japan: 0.949
USA: 0.948
France: 0.942
Germany: 0.932

Countries with a relatively high development level
Mexico: 0.821
Russia: 0.797
Brazil: 0.792
Thailand: 0.784
China: 0.768
Philippines: 0.763
Turkey: 0.757
Iran: 0.746
Indonesia: 0.711
Vietnam: 0.709

Countries with a relatively median development level:
Egypt: 0.702
India: 0.611

Countries with a relatively low development level:
Pakistan: 0.539
Bengladesh: 0.530
Nigeria: 0.448

Country with a relatively very low development level:
Ethiopia: 0.371



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