Friday, February 25, 2005

Pope has surgery to aid breathing

Pope John Paul spent a restful night in hospital after throat surgery and was breathing unassisted but doctors have advised him not to speak for several days, the Vatican said on Friday. (Reuters)

The latest health scare has sparked further debate about whether the ailing 84-year-old, who suffers from Parkinson's Disease and arthritis, should stand down. (Telegraph)

Pope John Paul II was off his respirator and breathing on his own on Friday, Italian news agency ANSA reported. The Vatican said late Thursday that the pontiff was conscious and serene after surgery to cut a small hole in his neck and insert a tube. (Times of India)

Catholics around the world are praying for the Pontiff's health, but there's increasing concern about the leadership of the Church with its leader silenced and unable to perform normal duties. (ABC)

The news of the pope's second hospitalization in so short a time sparked expressions of concern, from his hometown, Wadowice, Poland, to Africa, Southeast Asia, as well as in Gemelli hospital, about two miles from the Vatican. "It is not a good sign that he is back," said Paula Ferrara, 32, a doctor at Gemelli who is not involved in the pope's treatment. "People with Parkinson's are very sensitive to breathing problems, and any spasm in his throat, even something like a bad cough, could stop him from breathing." (New York Times)

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