Thursday, December 16, 2004

Iraq: War crimes on both sides

When the Saddam Hussein's trial will start, the former dictator will be held liable for one of his most infamous war crime: The chemical attacks against kurds at Halabja in 1988 (5,000 casualties).

Thes atrocities has become such a symbol that "Chemical Ali" will be judged first. This trial could possibly be timed to help the pro-American Iraqi prime-minister win the elections.

What about US war crimes? Well, noone forgot the Abu Grahim scandal.

We also heard recently about accounts of torture at Guantanamo Bay.,11538,1371610,00.html
These accounts were quickly rejected by the Pentagon (denial is easier... no pictures taken).

One story however has been mostly forgotten. It's a "very old" one.
"On February 13, 1991 two precision-guided American missiles struck the Al-Amariyah bomb shelter in Baghdad, incinerating hundreds of women and children and causing others to boil alive in scalding water" is said on an antiwar website: 408 casualties.

This atrocity was mentioned on March 15, 2003 by Irish Times' "The will of Saddam is replacing the fear":
"Every foreign journalist who comes here soon makes a pilgrimage to the al-Amariyah bomb shelter, which was hit by two American bombs on February 13th, 1991. It was packed with women and children, 408 of whom were killed.
Intesar al-Samarie, the guide, requires visitors to look carefully at dark marks, like shadows, on the wall. 'Here you can see a face, the mother's eyes, and here the child's body.' The marks come into focus. Hiroshima-like they are the stains left as people were literally blasted into the walls."

Justice might be brought to Saddam Hussein's victims, meanwhile victims of the US military will have to wait a bit longer.


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